I'm Haron, a Dutch photographer with a love for animals, a passion for art and an addiction to shooting my lenses wide open. I live with my Border Collie Milo. My personal, sometimes slightly reluctant model.

Five years ago, I started bugging Milo with posing requests and camera antics. Considering I'd been working in Adobe Photoshop since I was 14 (assuming Photoshopping lightsabers into family photos counts) I realized I could turn Milo's photos into something more artistic.

Seeing how wonderful the response to these images was, I decided to start my journey in pet photography. I’ve since developed my personal shooting style and post-processing methods to create fine-art portrait work of beloved pets.

Two years ago, upon multiple requests, I started teaching my techniques to fellow photographers. Today, I have personally taught more than 120 students and share my methods in workshops and my Masterclass program. (exciting times!)

Learn more about dog photography?

Have a look at my available workshops and mentoring options at Art of Dog Photography.




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